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Friday, October 02, 2015

Australians Doing Well Required To Buy Luxury Cars At Gunpoint

On the Australian Luxury Car Tax, Maserati General Manager Glen Sealey said, ‘It’s a discrimination against people who are doing well.’ And Porsche dealer Sean Lygo said, ‘…totally unfair to charge people 33 per cent for buying a car because they’ve done well’.

So apparently it's not discrimintation against people who spend more than the Luxury Car Tax threshold of $63,184 on a car, it's discrimination againt people have done well.  I wonder how that works?  Are Australians who do well required to buy a luxury car by law?  Do they have one issued to them based on their tax returns?  If I don't have a luxury car and I'm doing well will the police arrest me?

These are not very bright statements.  They are also suspiciously similar as if they both subscribe to the same newsletter.   And the guy from Porche doesn't even seem to know how the tax works.  It is not a 33% tax, it is 33% above the Luxury Car Tax threshhold, which means it will vary but I guess it would average around 8%.  Hardly an imposition given we tax junk food, something almost everyone buys at least sometimes at a 10% flat rate.  In fact, let's see if I can come up with a brilliant statement of my own, "The junk food tax is discrimination against people who waste money on junk."  Or maybe, "It is totally unfair to charge people 40% but really 10% for buying a mars bar simply because they couldn't be arsed to eat a piece of fruit."

Anyway, after reading their statements, I'm convinced we should get rid of the Luxury Car Tax and replace it with a much higher Wanker Tax.

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